A Script Re-written

I have two conflicting passions in my life.

The first passion, which took root at a fairly young age, is – helping others.

The other passion, which I am pretty sure took root at an even earlier age, is – writing.

The first passion is fairly external, and is pretty much doing based, whereas the second passion is fairly internal, and is pretty much being based.

Obviously the first passion also has an internal quality to it, and the second passion an external quality, but you get my meaning, hopefully.  

 2012 is my 50th year, which I have decided, or it has decided me, has to be auspicious, on a number of fronts,

Firstly, I have decided to put away the Good Works. For good.

Secondly, I have decided to take up the Writing. Full time.

The process of this decision began with the first of my favourite Holy Trinity members,  ‘Thought’.

I Thought it would be a good idea to write full time. So did many others.

The decision process progressed onto phase two of the wondrous Holy Trinity, mainly, ‘Word’.

Decisively, I resigned from all Good Works.

I said as much.

I declared myself a ‘Writer’.

And then, the third step, my favourite member of the Holy Trinity kicked in – ‘Deed’ or ‘Action’.

And the Writing began.

Thought, Word and Deed. Voilà

The work  is pouring in. It is glorious.

I wonder why I haven’t just spent my whole life writing.

Everything else seems to have been a waste of my time.

And yet.

The bulk of my work during this transition has become Teen Fiction.

Teen Fiction for young black South African teenagers. Stories of Love, Hurt, Redemption and Resurrection.

Hold on a minute!

So, my days, for the most part, are still spent in my old stomping ground of tin shacks and troubled townships.

In my head.

So it’s not  quite the same. Not quite.

My fingers, it seems, pounding away on the keys of my laptop, now have the transforming power.

My mind is capable of writing any story I want. I can create whatever reality suits me,

Mostly the world I create is populated by kick butt girls, and hero boys,  or generally by  young people seizing the day.

Its the way I want it to be. In reality.

But it seems reality doesn’t exist after all.

I write stories of hope and courage and second chances.

That’s the way I always wanted it to be.

By the power of the pen I’m doing it now.

For them out there. But also for me.


Writer, author, script writer

6 comments on “A Script Re-written
  1. Bianca says:

    Awesome Mich!!!!!!! Am so excited for u! So where can we get to read these teen fiction stories? Love and miss you all lots!

  2. Corli says:

    Loved this post! Putting away the ‘good works’ just made me smile – what a fabulous idea!
    I wish you blessings on your writing.
    Lots of love from far away grey weather skies!! (Send us some us that Knysna sunshine!)

  3. Jana Venter says:

    Keep on writing Michelle! You are so good at expressing thoughts and feelings about you and all around you.
    Jana Venter

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