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The Beginning of the End

Some Matric students have already written one or two of their exams. The practical Computer papers.  I invigilated the CAT exam. Myself, and another two adults, were trapped for long hours in the computer lab. We passed the time by

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Art Fashion Show

The Art class of Knysna High had their annual fashion show last Friday Night. I was looking forward to it, having glimpsed bits of the costumes in the Hostel. Smashed mirrors had flashed at me from stiff neck ruffs, and

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Knysna High  must have one of the best views of any Hostel in the world. The sweeping panorama, down over the rooftops to the wide blueness of the lagoon. To the left, the standing gateway between the Knysna Heads sentinels,

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A Void

I’ve been looking into and exploring ZEN for a while now. Mostly I started because I like the word so much. So ZEN. I liked it’s associations too. Things like Zen gardens, and Haiku poetry. Japanese art and that minimalist

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A long time ago I went sailing. I sailed with a young sailor (I was young too…) With hindsight I suppose he was really my first love. I remember the first time I saw him. He was tussle haired and

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Books Find Me

For a while now I have been aware that books have been finding me. I have always loved book shops, but my budget has often not made room for the beautiful books found in them. Mostly, I frequent second hand

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Not getting what you want

Lately I’ve stopped wanting things.  My younger self told my very confused and worried mother that I did the things I did so that I could write about them. And I did. Write about them. I wrote and I wrote

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A Script Re-written

I have two conflicting passions in my life. The first passion, which took root at a fairly young age, is – helping others. The other passion, which I am pretty sure took root at an even earlier age, is –