Books Find Me

2nd Hand BooksFor a while now I have been aware that books have been finding me.

I have always loved book shops, but my budget has often not made room for the beautiful books found in them.
Mostly, I frequent second hand book places.

I have to confess that in many ways I prefer them.
Second hand books.
No doubt if I really needed a spanking new book the money would be there.

I think the ‘books finding me ‘ thing has become a game that I enjoy playing way too much.

These days I may even find myself in deliberately obscure book stores – way off the beaten track – to see if they, those ‘hunter’ books, will find me there.
Like I said, it’s just a game, a sort of test.

The game doesn’t really have any rules. Its not a thought through thing.
It mostly runs on feeling, and is played out in a wide variety of ways.

Here’s an example:
I wander into the ‘Wild Oats’ market to browse. A few bank notes sit tight in the pocket of my jeans – that’s Faith..
And there it is.

That book.
That book that so and so was just talking about. That book that that guy at dinner the other night mentioned, in passing to his neighbour. That book whose title caught my attention. And here it is, under my hand, at the stall.

It doesn’t end there, because at that moment I don’t really know what the book is about – I just know the title, and that I have heard it mentioned twice, or maybe more.
So, I pick it up.

It smells good, I like the cover, I open it.
Maybe there is a personal note scribbled on the front page, quoting one of my favourite poems… Maybe it is dated for my birthday, or maybe for today, many years ago… Maybe the first line of the first chapter is identical (almost) to a thought I scribbled down the other day…
Whatever the case – I just know – that book wants me to read it.
It has something(I don’t know what yet) to tell me.

The more conscious I become of being conscious of being conscious….the more these kinds of things are happening to me.

I love the game. It gives me butterflies and sweaty palms and makes my heart beat faster.

But how can it be?
And yet – it just is.

Just the other day I was lent a book by a friend.
A book I’d never even asked for, or even heard about.
Reading it I felt as if I was reading a long lost love letter, that I’d only just found, again, within it’s pages. It was so intensely personal and yet it wasn’t mine.
On completion of the book, I wanted it (of cause I did), to be my own.

I returned the book and found another, the very next day, at a ridiculous price, on the shelves of a favourite store.

Books have come to me before I even knew I needed them.
Books have been given to me, and have changed my life, before I even glimpsed that change was on its way.
Books have been keys, opening all kinds of locks.

I guess books are just someone elses Thoughts.
Turned into Words.
Producing Actions.

The Mystery, yet again, of the Trinity.

And so they, books, are also Magic, it seems.
And Miraculous too, naturally (and perhaps most of all…)

Maybe these Words, my Thoughts, produce some sort of Action in you.
I hope so.

“Second hand books are wild books, homeless books;
they have come together in vast flocks of variegated feather,
and have a charm which the domesticated volumes of the library lack”

– Virginia Woolf



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  1. Corli says:

    Love this post – books at the right time have can really be God’s voice …

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